Analyzing the Main Pros and Cons of Homework Ban

There is a trend sweeping in the education system that promotes no nightly assignments. It is felt that with the rigorous academic load that many students carry, that the tasks need to all be done in the room at school. There are many positives and negatives for this movement.

Analyzing the Main Pros and Cons of Homework Ban

  • More time for outside interests-students will have more time for family, fine arts, sports, and community. These extra interests will make the students better rounded. It will also give the students a chance to focus on other things that are important to them in their world.
  • Not as smart-taking away value reinforcements, pre-readings, and extra practice will result in students who are less intelligent. No one wants to think that they are graduating an entire generation of unintelligent people.

  • Less stress-students are often stressed to the point that they must seek medical help because of academic concerns. Mental illnesses can result from too much stress. Stress can come from too much academic work and not enough sleep or down time. Students will have less stress without nightly assignments.

  • Not ready for college-there are certain goals to be met and tasks to be mastered before students can go to college and be successful. There may not be time to complete that agenda if kids are no longer given nightly assignments in high school. Students need to be sufficiently prepared to have success at college.

  • The dumbing down of society-this lack of tasks will further create a dumbing down of society once these students enter the work force. It has long been considered that students who go through the school system in the United States. The forbidding of nightly work will only make this condition worse. A society who is considered less smart will look to other countries for their industry and technological needs. This is a serious concern for many people.

  • Community service hours and projects-many schools and school systems are replacing the nightly jobs with required community service hours and projects. The idea is that the time is better spent improving the community. And that by requiring community service you are making better people out of the students. It has been shown that people who perform community service are happier and they actually have higher incomes. Better people will equal a better world.