How To Convince Your Teacher That Geometry Homework Is Bad

Geometry homework is often complicated. If you do not understand geometry concepts and approaches well enough, you can struggle with your assignments a whole weekend but do not manage to complete them. Many educators agree that studying during the weekends is a bad idea. The question is how to convince your geometry teacher that he or she should abandon homework. Consider the following arguments:

  • More studying does not equate to higher achievement.
  • It is great to have more practice, but the studies have shown that studying at home during the weekends is actually a bad thing. The research has also shown that the older students gain more benefits from doing homework compared to younger ones. Some scientists suggest that the assignments should be uncomplicated and engage student interests in order to be somehow effective.

  • Students feel powerless and lose interest to studying.
  • You can tell your teacher what difficulties you usually have while studying at home and how much time it takes to figure out what your assignment is about. If your parents or older siblings cannot help you complete geometry tasks, it takes a while to find other reliable help options, including the correct answers and how-to guidelines. So, you do not have enough rest and feel exhausted.

  • Most assignments are familiar to what is done in class, so they are boring.
  • The majority of educators agrees that doing the same tasks all over again is pointless. This is boring and does not increase the learning abilities. In fact, students do not learn, instead they repeat the same actions. Doing the same geometry tasks decreases student achievements in a long term run because they practice the already known material and do not learn how to apply it for new assignments.

  • Visiting a math study center or a science museum after classes is more beneficial than doing geometry homework.
  • Students like learning something new. However, they remember the material better if it is interesting. It is a good idea to visit a museum with an exhibit devoted to math development, famous mathematicians, or angles and distances measuring tools. Teachers should encourage students to visit a local math study center to learn more about how algebra and geometry knowledge is useful in everyday life.

You can use the arguments provided above. However, make them sound more personal by sharing you own experience. Keep in mind that studying is important but insist that having too many assignments to deal with do not allow you to learn something that you are truly interested in.